“What you've danced can't be taken away"

Sarah Chung

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Sarah Chung is a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist with a passion for bridging performance and education. Originally a classically trained musician, she is discovering creativity and freedom of expression through the handpan. Sarah received her Bachelor's at NYU and Master's at Columbia University, studying music education. She is passionate about helping others on their musical journeys by making technique, improvisation, and composition accessible.

What does your mindfulness practice look like?

When I began my mindfulness journey in college, it always seemed difficult. It seemed to make me hyper-aware of my inadequacies and inability to "zen." However, with enough practice, my practice began to integrate itself throughout my daily life. Now, I use mindfulness in small moments throughout the day - "breathe in blue, breathe out red" or allowing time to mindfully wash dishes rather than going through the motions. Now, mindfulness is a way of life that helps me stay present.

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