"May our practices serve as our teachers, guiding us towards greater authenticity & deeper love."

Natalie Wong

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Natalie was first introduced to the world of yoga and mindfulness at the age of fifteen while in treatment for anorexia. The spaciousness she experienced in body & mind from the practice led her to withdraw from college and enroll in yoga teacher training in 2015. Since then Natalie has been a full time yoga instructor in Seattle. Her consistent sense of curiosity & devotion to self discovery are the root of her practices & her offerings.

What does your mindfulness practice look like?

As a lover of movement & a student of the mind-body connection, my mindfulness practice primarily consists of any form of movement that drops me into a focused flow state through the avenue of my body - particularly yoga & dance. Other forms of practice for me include yoga nidra, sound healing, holotropic breathwork, vipassana meditation, & reading. Sometimes mindfulness shows up most deeply in intentional conversation & purposeful connection with community.

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