"Presence and awareness are the keys to embodying your highest self."

J. Poole

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J.Pool is a nomad at Heart, his passion is traveling the world collecting creative inspiration in nature and culture and channeling it into sound. His goal is to create music that is connected to our instinctual roots as human beings and to the web of all living things on this earth. He likes to explore various formats for sharing musical and transformational experiences; from festivals to intimate gatherings, ecstatic dances, Cacao ceremonies, to ambient live sound journeys and meditations.

What does your mindfulness practice look like?

I start everyday with meditation and yoga, it is very important for me to clean my mind and body and align myself before interacting with the outer world, I know that if I do this, I will act more consciously and have more clarity in my decisions and actions. Mindfulness is not just about these practices, but taking what we learn from them to stay conscious and present throughout the day, taking moments of deep breaths to stay connected to myself.

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