"See life from every angle and love as deep as you can."

Isaiah Quinn Rodriguez

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Isaiah Quinn Rodriguez, 27, is a Washington State based poet, author, and voice-over artist. He is passionate about an array of subjects; but the most important consist of: spending time with family, writing, and finding the perfect club sandwich (avocado is a must). Isaiah is inspired by the works of a few great writers – Sylvia Plath, Joan Didion, and Frank Ocean, to name a few, all have pushed him to be the writer he is.

What does your mindfulness practice look like?

I achieve mindfulness through my daily routine and practices. Weightlifting, stretching, and journaling are all things that keep me centered and mindful of my body and emotions. Whenever I need the extra help though, I set time aside to roll out a mat, sit with myself, and breathe. Sometimes, being in control of the smallest thing can make the biggest difference.

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