"Take care of yourself so you can take care of each other."

Anna Douglas

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Anna Douglas is a Seattle based yoga teacher who owns Take Care Yoga, located in Seattle, Washington. Take Care is Anna’s labor of love, a studio that represents perseverance, grit and unwavering determination. Anna has been teaching yoga since 2012. The way she teaches is the way she strives to live her life--with fire and heart. When Anna isn’t teaching you can find her with her daughter Zoe Lee, leading retreats abroad, hiking in the Cascade mountains or on her next adventure with her family.

What does your mindfulness practice look like?

These days my mindfulness practice looks different. As someone who runs their own business and has a new baby I have to get my moments of quiet reflection in where I can. Whether it's a yoga practice, a walk with my daughter or a quiet ride in my car, I take time wherever I can to ground, breathe, and fall back on the tools I have that help quiet my busy mind. Oseh has been a wonderful gift in reminding me of how quickly I can return to my homebase, if only I give myself a moment.

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