"What you seek is seeking you."

Allison Bagg

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Allison Bagg is a sound healer, breathwork facilitator, intuitive guide and artist based in Los Angeles. She utilizes a plethora of modalities to help clients ground into their bodies, establish strong boundaries and open portals to the magic and abundance within. Certified in gong, crystal alchemy singing bowls, planetary chimes and tuning forks, Allison aims to bring together both hemispheres of the brain in a beautiful marriage of spirit and science. Everything is vibration, after all, and by tuning ourselves like instruments, we can heal everything from the physical on a cellular level, as well as the spiritual, energetic and vibrational forces within.

What does your mindfulness practice look like?

I try to make time for a mindful moment every day, whether it's just taking a deep breath between meetings, or luxuriating in an hour-long yoga nidra practice (my current fav!). I like to remind myself that even making a cup of tea can be a meditation. Being present with the senses and noticing the steam as it curls through the air, tasting the earthy nature of the liquid, following the heat as it melts down the throat — this is mindfulness! Like all of us, I go through phases where certain practices charr on the backburner, but I love to have a rotating toolkit to pull from. Most notably these tools are: breathwork, soundbaths and yoga. But, as mentioned, any moment can be a mindful one. And I love discovering new moments to really be present with!

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