At Oseh, we are on a mission to make a better everyday for everyone.

It's time to reimagine health from the inside out.

Did you know 75% of people experience moderate to severe stress everyday? The kind that not only affects us mentally, but physically – the tense shoulders, the headaches. Yet, less than half of people practice a wellness routine.

Many of us are still struggling to infuse self-care into our day-to-day lives. That's why we created Oseh. We believe everyone should have a daily mindfulness practice. So we made it as easy as finding 60 seconds in the 86,400 you have in a day.

We are creating a future where all people have access to mental health resources and tools.

And we believe that begins with a daily mindfulness practice – one built on human connection.

Millions of people have searched for their mindful practice but struggle to maintain a habit. We’re here to change that. Our approach blends community with modern mindful journeys, to bring you a simple but effective way to drop in, anchor your spirit, and lift you up for your day to come.

Too often we never find the time to start a practice – or can't find ways to incorporate it into our schedule. We are here to make it easy. It can be as simple as a breath, a sound, or a moment in silence. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality of our interactions that make the difference. That’s why we’re focusing on short, intentful experiences that can be done on the go. And wherever you are, you will not be alone. You will be a part of a community of people taking daily steps towards a more connected, grounded self.

Regardless of past experience, gender, race or inclination – we invite all people to #oseh together.

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We are committed to a future where all people have access to mental health resources and tools.